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Expert Sump Pump Replacement in Pierce County, WA & Surrounding Areas

When it comes to safeguarding your home against potential water damage, the importance of a fully functional sump pump cannot be understated. In regions like Pierce County, WA, where heavy rain is common, these devices are crucial. Atlas Home Services, your go-to expert for sump pump replacement services in Pierce County, WA, is here to ensure that your sump pump system is always at its best.

Fast and Efficient Sump Pump Installation and Replacement Services

From the initial sump pump installation to the eventual sump pump replacement, our team at Atlas Home Services is dedicated to providing unparalleled service. Whether you have a submersible sump pump, a pedestal sump pump, or any other type, our experienced technicians can handle it. 

When a broken sump pump is left unattended, it can result in the basement being flooded, leading to potential mold growth and other water-related damages. Thus, our emphasis is on timely and efficient services. Besides, if you're looking for other plumbing services, such as drain cleaning, water heater repair, or sewer repair, Atlas Home Services has got you covered.

Signs Your Sump Pump Needs to be Replaced

A sump pump is your first line of defense against basement flooding. Understanding the signs that indicate its malfunctioning is essential:

  1. Frequent cycling: If your sump pump turns on and off repeatedly, or cycles irregularly, it might be an indication of a malfunctioning float switch or a problem with the water table level.
  2. Excess water in the sump pit: This could indicate an issue with the check valve or the pump's capacity.
  3. Strange noises: These can be due to damaged or worn out parts. Submersible pumps should operate almost silently.
  4. Standing water: If there's water on your basement floor, it's an urgent sign to check your sump pump and possibly replace it.
  5. Age: Sump pumps have a lifespan. If yours is more than seven years old, consider a replacement.

These are just a few signs. If you suspect that your sump pump isn’t working properly, it's best to reach out to professionals immediately.

Sump Pump replacement and installation

Atlas Home Services: Premium Sump Pump Replacement Services in Pierce County

Atlas Home Services is renowned for its sump pump replacement services in Pierce County, WA. Our team goes the extra mile in ensuring that your sump pump is perfectly installed, repaired, or replaced. With regular sump pump maintenance and quick sump pump repairs, we ensure that your home remains protected against potential flood prevention issues. We’re proud to serve customers throughout Pierce County, WA, including the following communities:

  • Tacoma
  • Kent
  • Renton
  • Federal Way
  • Auburn
  • South Hill
  • Lakewood
  • Olympia
  • Lacey
  • Puyallup

Power Outages and Sump Pump: It's not uncommon for power outages to happen, especially during heavy rainfalls. A non-operational sump pump during a power outage could result in water damage. We recommend installing a battery-operated backup to ensure that your pump remains functional even during power cuts.

Drainage Pipes & Other Components: It's essential to ensure that the drainage pipes are clear from blockages and other debris. The functionality of the pump is directly affected by these external factors. Our services extend beyond the pump itself, ensuring that all connected elements, from the pipes to the circuit breaker, are in optimum condition.

Safety Measures: Sump pumps also help prevent potential fire hazards, like short circuiting due to standing water. Our technicians ensure that the sump pump is positioned at the lowest point of your house's foundation, ensuring maximum efficiency in removing excess water.

Remember, a non-functioning sump pump can lead to expensive repairs, from draining the flooded water, repairing the water damage, or even replacing items that might have been affected.

Need more reasons to choose us?

  • Expertise in handling various types of sump pumps.
  • Quick response time.
  • Professional technicians dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction.
  • Comprehensive services, covering everything from sump pump installation to repair and maintenance.

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Water damage can cost you not only in terms of money but also the peace of mind. Don't wait for the next heavy rainfall or drainage issue to find out that your sump pump isn't functioning properly. With Atlas Home Services, you are choosing reliability, efficiency, and premium service quality. For any queries, or to schedule a consultation for sump pump replacement services in Pierce County, WA, contact us today. Your home's safety is our utmost priority!


How much does it cost to replace a pump sump?

Replacing a sump pump can vary in cost, depending on the type of pump, its capacity, and the complexity of the setup. At Atlas Home Services, we offer competitive pricing for sump pump replacement services in Pierce County, WA. For an exact quote tailored to your specific needs, it's best to contact us directly.

What is the labor cost to install a sump pump?

The labor cost for sump pump installation depends on several factors including the type of sump pump you're installing, whether it's a submersible sump pump or pedestal sump pump, and the intricacy of the job. Atlas Home Services provides transparent pricing with no hidden fees. We recommend reaching out for a consultation to get an accurate labor estimate.

How many years should you replace a sump pump?

A typical sump pump lasts between 7-10 years, depending on its usage, maintenance, and the conditions of the sump pit. It's essential to have regular sump pump maintenance to ensure it's working efficiently. Atlas Home Services can assist in determining when it's best to replace your pump.

Is replacing a sump pump easy?

For professionals like the team at Atlas Home Services, replacing a sump pump is a routine task. However, for homeowners, it can be complex, especially ensuring proper installation to prevent water damage. It involves electrical work, proper drainage connections, and knowledge about sump pump services. For peace of mind and guaranteed workmanship, it's advisable to hire professionals.

What you need to know before buying a sump pump?

Before purchasing a sump pump, consider:

  1. The type of pump (submersible or pedestal).
  2. The capacity needed based on your home's water table and potential for flooding.
  3. Backup systems in case of power outages.
  4. The size of your sump pit.
  5. Noise levels if the pump will be near living spaces.
  6. Maintenance and repair options. Atlas Home Services offers comprehensive sump pump services to guide you in making the right choice.

Where is the best place to put a sump pump?

The ideal location for a sump pump is the lowest point of your basement or crawl space, where water tends to accumulate. Proper placement ensures maximum efficiency in removing excess water. The experts at Atlas Home Services can assess your property and recommend the best location for installation.

How far should the sump pump drain from the house?

A sump pump should drain at least 20 feet away from your house to ensure water doesn't flow back towards the foundation. Proper drainage prevents potential damage to your home's foundation. Our team at Atlas Home Services ensures that the drainage system is optimally set up to prevent water damage.

How deep does a hole have to be for a sump pump?

The hole, or sump pit, should be about 18 to 24 inches deep and around 24 inches in diameter, depending on the pump size and specifications. It's essential that the pit allows for the sump pump to operate effectively, turning on and off as needed. The professionals at Atlas Home Services can provide guidance on the appropriate depth for your specific needs.

For any further queries related to sump pumps and their services, feel free to contact Atlas Home Services. We're here to ensure the safety and efficiency of your home's drainage system!