Atlas' Membership Plan

What the Atlas Preferred Membership can save you:

Priority Service

Get put in front of others with the same issues even if you call after them

Save Money

10% off all services! After Initial Service *Max $500.00

Completly Transferable

Your membership is transferable! Moving? Take it with you to your new home

Two Annual Service Checkups

Two inspections of your plumbing and sewer system and free camera inspection (With accessible clean-out)

Complementary Water Heater Flushing

Increase the life of your water heater with free annual flushes!

No more Dispatch Fee

Waived dispatch fee for current members, and one time waived fee for immediate family members

Atlas preferred Membership

How Much you Save

Services Normal Price APM Price
Dispatch Fee$49.00Free
Check Water Pressure$150.00Free
Check Drinking Water$150.00Free
Check Washing Machine Hoses$150.00Free
Check Faucets for Proper Operation$150.00Free
Check Garbage Disposal for Proper Operation$150.00Free
Check Emergency Shut off Valves$150.00Free
Check Sump Pump Operation$345.00Free
Check Water Meter for Leaks$150.00Free
Flush Tanked Water heater$482.25Free
Sewer Camera Inspection$517.50Free
Dye Test Toiltes for Leaks$150.00Free
Check Sink Traps$150.00Free
Crawlspace Inspection$150.00Free
Check Expansion Tank Pressure$150.00Free
Check Outdoor Faucets$150.00Free
Check Pressure Reducing Valve$150.00Free
Check Vent Assembly on Water Heater$150.00Free
Check Temperature and Pressure Relief Valve$150.00Free